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Use the FTP to work on the website as a developer. Here you'll find containers, layouts, javascripts, styles and images used in the design.

How to login via FTP

Login to Snowfire and click the "Users" tab located in the top right corner. Click on your own user and look in the sidebar to the right.

  • URL (also know as "Host" or "Hostname" inside FTP applications) is your Snowfire URL (e.g.
  • Username (this is not the same username/email as you use to login to Snowfire)
  • Password (this is your Snowfire password)

What can I change via FTP?

HTML (container & layouts), CSS, javascript and images. Files uploaded with the Snowfire web interface is not accessible through FTP. Read the theme tutorial to learn more.

FTP Applications

To be able to upload and modify files you need a FTP application. One of these will work fine:

However, we recommend an code editor (IDE) with integrated FTP support. Editors with FTP support:

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